This program has been very successful and can be integrated into history and cultural studies.

Ernest playing his Egyptian Oud, painting by Olaf Palm
Ernest playing his Egyptian Oud, painting by Olaf Palm.


K-12 Program with Ernest and Deborah Fischbach.

Available in 2018-19: Program focuses on the music and musical history of many cultures, with students drawing as they listen. Each program modified for age group of students.

  Composite from Willits Charter School   Deborah playing frame drum   drawing of men playing instruments      4th grade student drawing of Oud with music and words

                          Willits school Program and Student art by Arianne Sharaf, Kurt Baker, and "Find the cost of Freedom" by Carinne .

In this program, Ernest (Anthropologist and Musician) and his wife, Deborah (Arts educator and Musician) play music from many cultures. Their instrument collection and knowledge of each culture presented, serves as a gateway into the lives of diverse peoples of the world.
History of instruments is presented from Persia, Afganistan and India through the North African Moorish Civilization to Rennaissance Europe and today. Students are asked to bring a drawing board, paper and pencil to the lecture/ demonstration. After each country's culture is discussed and its music played, the instruments are placed on display at the front of the stage for students to draw.
This program is about 45-60 minutes long and can be performed on a stage for up to 3 classes at a time, or in a single class, where we come right into your room.
Two shows a day at one school or in one district possible. We offer follow up Research and Extra Credit flyer See sample.
Funded by Art and Music funds that are already set aside, within your school or classroom. Our program is a one-time performance, involving only two artists, set up and ready to go.

A rewarding performance was at the Willits Charter School, known for it's excellent Arts integration into core studies and its very high test scores for acedemic achievment. See photos of these October '03 classes.

Ernie and I played for the Mendocino Middle School (2 classes) as part of their Egyptian studies program. Ernie even let the children try to play the instruments at the end of our demonstration. I have wonderful drawings and Thank you notes from the students. A big success! (We were payed out of school funds for assemblies).
See photos from this class assembly.

David Brown joined Ernie for an afternoon of music demonstration for Susan Byerly's College of the Redwoods Asian Literature class.

Keeping the program intimate, for ultimate communication with students is one of our goals.

Let's talk! Call Deborah @707 937-2133......fax 707 937 3029
e-mail= Deborah Fischbach

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