West Coast Musician Referral Service

Featuring ethnic, acoustic folk and classical music from many countries.
Also some electric world music and bagpipers from many cultures. See examples below, or scroll down to contact info if what you're looking for isn't listed here. Most of our musicians are in Northern California so please be ready to negotiate travel and lodging if you are in southern or middle California or somewhere else! Thank You.

The Institute is proud to refer "Dueto Internacional" for Southern California acoustic music at its best!
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PRESENTERS: we recommend; Dueto Internacional, Martín and Martinez, you can hire a duo or trio for great folk and fandango music of California. Their CD "Crossing the Border" can be heard on CDBaby. email David Martïn Kilpatrick for information and bookings.

The Wedding Band

Three married couples play the music of your forefathers. Procession, Waltz, Polka, Varsouvianna, Tarentella, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and more!

Bride + Groom Dance to The Wedding Band

Musicians L-R; Deb Fischbach on tambourine; David Brown behind Brian Steeger, both playing violin; Marianne Steeger on accordion; Ernie Fischbach on mandolin, and Barbara Brown on ukulele.

Let "The Steeger's" & "The Fischbach's" enhance your SPECIAL DAY. ("The Brown's" not always available, just ask Deb)
Call or write us to see if we can liven up your Wedding & reception.

Here's a quote from a 2002 Spring Bride.
"Everyone commented on how 'fun' the music was...just what we were looking for. They even played a belly dance tune, so my cousin could dance for us!"

And an email note dated 7/24/02 for a spring Russian/Jewish wedding (pictured above);
Hello there. I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed your glorious music at my wedding. My husband and I were looking for something special, and something that would reflect our diverse backgrounds. We certainly found the perfect fit with you. Your musicians were lively and entertaining (and very nice). They fit the mood we were going for exactly. There is no question in my mind that I would recommend your ensemble to anyone looking beyond the "typical" wedding band. It really was a stroke of luck that I discovered you, and as I look through my photos, I count my blessings that you were there to perfect my special day. Thanks again, and I'm sending some photos you and your future clients may enjoy.

All our best wishes, Mila Tschursin and Steven Berniker.

(more photos available to view)

E-mail Deborah Fischbach for more information
or call 707 937-2133

Ernest Lee Fischbach

Ern on mandolin with The Wedding Band
Ernie Fischbach on mandolin facing David Brown on clarinet with "The Wedding Band"

Ernest Lee Fischbach, ELF is a musician, singer and voice over actor.
He specializes in improvisation, based upon a solid foundation. Ernest is a student of the famous Voice Factory in San Francisco. He specializes in character voices. He is a graduate of The Ali Akbar College of Music, where he studied singing and Sarod. At Long Beach State University, he got a BA in Anthropology and spent his other study time learning World Wide Street Music on many instruments

More about Ernie, here on ITS Ernie page.

He recently played solo guitar to a delighted intimate wedding party on the Mendocino Coast.

1996 Ernie with his family and friends recorded the CD,"Fandango at Sonoma"early California (immigrant) Dance Music. For ordering and more info click here. Hear it on CD Baby.

Ernie's been involved with many bands including; A Cid Symphony, The Golden Toad, The Raggle Taggle Gypsies, BalAnat, KosKaDos, Surfaris, Men in Black Hats (who play anything they want to), Pipe and Bowl Morris, Zincali, Los Californios the Alta California Orchestra, Gitan American, Pisqueno Italiano, Flem ad hoc Ensemble, The Vacant Lot, Global Village Idiots and The Firesign Theater.

Over the years Ernest's bands have opened for; The Grateful Dead, Alan Watts, The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Co., Dick Dale, Los Lobos, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jefferson Starship, The Firesign Theater, Proctor and Bergman and The Hell's Angels own band.

Los Californios,TACO
Brian Steeger on guitar and Ernie Fischbach on mandolin with Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra. Sacramento, California 2000.

World Music Program, Cultural Arts and Music K-12: Poster with photos, summary, info and contact. Link to a program of ITS in which Ernie and Deborah Fischbach play Traditional World music for school children. Program focuses on the music and musical history of world cultures.

Ernest just finished his first DVD of "Healing Water Meditations" with Idyllic River Scenes and soothing Sarod music.
Available as a soloist or he can create a band for your event. Ernie recently played a Small Mendocino Wedding on solo guitar with a bit of mandolin music for the 20 guests at this very private affair. All loved his music and he was given a generous tip.

David M. Brown

Los Californios, TACOrchestra
David Brown on violin, Deborah Fischbach on castenets with "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra" on the California State Capitol Lawn.
David Brown was born in New Orleans, La., in 1957; received Master of Music from the University of New Orleans in 1985.
Began professional career in 1972 in wedding, dance, jazz, and Latin bands; began playing Middle Eastern music in 1978 by learning bouzouki from the local Greek community musicians. In the early 1980's studied Persian tar with Faraj Purlian and Arabic 'ud, nai and keman with Ahmad al-Chaar; performed with many if not all of the New Orleans Middle Eastern dancers during the 1980's.
Moved to California in 1991; was the musical director for the Hahbi 'Ru Dancers at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire from 1991-1994.
Teacher at the Lark in the Morning Music Camp from 1991-2003, leading Middle Eastern ensembles, and giving lessons on 'ud, nai, bowed instruments, zurna and mizmar, saz, and maqam, in addition to Cuban, jazz, Hawaiian and other music's.. Currently composing and performing (on a very small scale) with Zincali, a traditional Middle Eastern musical ensemble; also has played with the Big Easy Dance Band (swing, rock, jazz), Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra, Suhaila Salimpour's Bal-Anat, Afghan singer Tameem Afzali, and many others.
Instruments played include: guitars, bass, mandolin, tenor banjo, Cuban tres, cuatro, cavaquinho, ukulele, Hawaiian steel guitar, bouzouki, baglama, balalaika, tar, setar, dutar, 'ud, nai, violin, rebaba, rebab, tambur, saz, mizmar/zurna, flute, dilruba, sarinda, kemanche, saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, and a variety of drums and percussion instruments.

Composer –Performing Artist - Teacher After years of live performing and teaching, David has finally recorded his original compositions on two new CD's, "Mendo Twilight" and "Folksongs From An Imaginary Land". David has also produced 2 CD's for meditation and bodywork.
Here are the CD Baby links to David's new music.
Mendo Twilight http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidmbrown4
Folksongs From an Imaginary Land http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidmbrown5
Music for Meditation Vol 1 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidmbrown2
Music for Meditation Vol 2 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidmbrown3
For more information, contact David Brown at dbb@mcn.org.

Zekley's play music

Mickie & Elizabeth are available for weddings, concerts, workshops, master classes, performances for primary and secondary education, recording & television, and all types of private events, music for historic events, reenactments in costume and more.

Traditional music of Ireland and Scotland on Extraordinary musical instruments. Jubilant, poignant performances that embrace the heart of Celtic music. Mickie & Elizabeth perform with energy, skill and a fluid grace. Instrumentation includes: 19th Century Concert Flute, Hammered Dulcimer, Highland Bagpipes, Bombard, Scottish Small Pipes, Concertina, Tenor Banjo, Celtic Harp, Harp Guitar, Irish Cittern, Simple System Flute, Double Flageolette, Pennywhistles, Irish Uilleann Bagpipes, Bodhran, Nyckelharpa, Keyboard and Vocals. As well as concerts, Mickie & Elizabeth specialize in highly participational school performances.
Please contact Mickie or Beth directly, don't forget to say you found them on the Institute's site. For bookings and information contact:
Mickie & Elizabeth
PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 964-4826, Fax 964-8659
  • email Mickie & Elizabeth To see more of them go to www.larkcamp.com/weddings.

    Pacific Andaluse Conservatory of North African Music with Master Musician; Omar Ait-Vimoun

  • Omar's 1st solo CD available upon request ($12.00 +s/h) write to its3@mcn.org

    North African Preludes
    Maestro Omar Ait-Vimoun's music;

    Assaru - in Tamazigt (the language of the Imazighen) means a womanıs knotted belt; a chain of events or history; or, in this case, an anthology.

    Stekhvar - a prelude or overture to a Nuba (see below) or other tunes, establishing the ear in the mode.

    Here is a beautiful collection of Stekhvar representing all the modes of the Andaluse tradition, played on the mandol (similar to a mandocello) and sung with a deeply personal selection of poetry in a Shaabe (popular, not strictly classical) style.

    Called the Berbers by the Romans, the Imazighen (Ih-mah-ZI-rhen) are the native people of North Africa, a region stretching from Morocco to Libya. They were the Moors of Medieval Spain, whose influence is a great missing link between the two continents - a high culture at the very roots of modern European music.

    Music Andaluse is the name of the North African tradition, which stretches unbroken back to before the conquest of Spain and displays a sophistication not reached by Europe until many centuries later. The central pillar of the Music Andaluse is the Nuba, a large ensemble piece roughly equivalent to the European concerto or suite.

    Omar Ait-Vimoun is a master vocalist and instrumentalist from Algeria now residing in Northern California. As a child in Algeria, Omar was self-taught, displaying such talent that he was awarded honorary memberships in two conservatories. At the age of eighteen, he won a national first place as a solo musician and for four years led the orchestra of the University of Annuba.

    Omar has chosen to help spread the peace and joy of this rare and beautiful tradition by establishing the first Andaluse conservatory in North America.


    T.A.C.O. band

    "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra" recreating Old California music in its traditional style at the Train Museum in Old Sacramento, California"

    "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra", are a group of musicians and dancers of diverse backgrounds brought together to preserve and perform the music of Early California. Presented in the true spirit of the Fandango, Fiesta and Barn dance, the music is bright and lively with songs of good times and sorrow. We are proud to present this vibrant art form, which is one of the great treasures of the State of California and our immigrant ancestors.
    Available for all occasions. You can hire a small combo or a large orchestra with a dance caller/teacher. Costume and time period attire choices according to your event. E-mail Deborah

    Los Californios, The Alta California 2002 CD sales and info. "Fandango at Sonoma" CD

    Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra More pictures and information about the Orchestra, including, American Masterpieces program with 50% Artists fees paid to presenters through NEA and CAC.


    Deb dancing with silk purple veil
    Deborah Fischbach, dancing with musicians, David Brown on Ney (end blown flute) and
    Ernie Fischbach on Oud (Arabic lute) San Francisco, California.

    "Zincalí" is a family band playing Country Eastern Music from Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and their own compositions.
    The Orchestra is composed of David Brown, saz, Ney and clarinet, Ernie Fischbach, Oud, Brian Steeger, Violin, Chris Caswell, Kanun, all boys also play oboe AKA Mismar or Zurna with Melissa Fischbach, Marianne Steeger, Deborah Fischbach, and Barbara S. Brown on percussion, vocals and dance.
    "Zincali" is available for performances.
    Interested parties may hire the entire orchestra including dancers or a smaller band of 2-6 musicians. We charge approx.$250.00 per musician/dancer (different venues, duration or time playing, perks and unknown facts can make our prices negotiable) in greater Bay area from Monterey to Mendocino. Travel and lodging negotiated for out of our area.
    E-mail Ernie or Deborah for more information.

    Please e-mail Deborah at ITS to discuss what music, dance or ensemble you're looking for to compliment your event or party. Deborah's e-mail

    Are you a West Coast traditional musician? Want to be listed here? It costs $5.00 to be listed or $10 with photo on our musicians referral service web page and $10.00 donation requested per musician for each gig resulting from an ITS referral. If you need more info call our webmaster, Deborah @ 707 937 2133 or you can email Deborah Thank you

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