Chris Carnes Memorial Pages

Chris Carnes accompanies the great Carmen Amaya in Mexico City
Unknown guitarist, Carmen Amaya and a young Chris Carnes (dark glasses) in Mexico City circa 1960's

Christobol Dos Santos was a Flamenco
Guitarist and Historian

Born Christopher Douglas Carnes on the California Coast, September 28, 1942 and died July 25, 2000 in the mountains of Northern California, survived by his parents, his daughter, Carmen, a sister and the loving family of his brother Kent Carnes, who took care of him in his last year on this earth. We all miss him.

A letter and a poem for Chris by Madeleine Faught, from Australia.

David Barnnard let me know about Chris, so it's with a heavy heart that I'm sending you this. I sat for a long time last night thinking about my timeless 'family', and appreciating the bond that we have...and will always have. It's times like these, though, that make me wish that I wasn't so far away. There's no easy way to share grief, but there's a power in sharing memories and past joys. Anyway, I picked up my pen and wrote a kind of a poem for/and about Chris. I needed to somehow honor his passing, and share some of that with you.


Pale and translucent like the crescent moon,
with a fragile strength
and childlike wonder.

A man of rhythms,
his long fingers caressed old wood
and pulled at strings
whose chord struck our hearts.

Always a presence
in his soft, sure way.

Always true to himself
and to those he cared for.

A capacity we celebrated,
   loved, and

His soul, with it's magic and music,
     we'll miss.....


I hope that Chris had someone who loved him with him towards the end. I hope that his last thoughts were uplifted ones. I hope all of us cope gracefully with the loss of another compadre... Missing you guys.
Lots of love,

Painting of Chris Carnes with his guitar by Olaf Palm

Painting of Chris Carnes by his close friend, the late Olaf Palm, (Olaf; June 15, 1935-October 22, 2000).

A photo of Chris with his moroccan sepse pipe
Chris in repose at the Fischbach;s (Deb and Ern's) in Comptche, CA circa 1980's. Photo Trent Anderson

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