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Villa de Branciforte Preservation Society and their good works; Seeking recognition and preservation of the unique character and history of the Villa de Branciforte area. Founded in 1797, Villa de Branciforte is a unique occurrence in Spanish Colonial history. Unlike the Spanish missions, the Villa was secular, and unlike the other two original secular settlements, the pueblos of Los Angeles and San Jose, Branciforte was a "villa," the only villa to be created during the Spanish Colonial era in California. The Society in partnership with CalTrans and the State of California has set up Villa de Branciforte Historical Landmark signs on the freeway. They are working on funding to set up more signs locally, make a brochure and map of the specific sites in the area and secure a privately owned lot full of artifacts that is for sale. Check out a 2014 article, "Discoveries: Santa Cruz's 'East Side' lobbies for respect. "
Check out the History; unique people, places, politics and culture.
Director; Ed Silviera

Mike Seeger Traditional Banjo Video Series : A series of instructional videos on traditional banjo styles. Information only.

Farideh Dance Arts: Our beloved Farideh aka Cathryn Balk has passed fall of 2018-RIP Dear One. Pictures and links to video of Farideh still available on this Memorial page. Bal~Anat Band performances: Ernie Fischbach, Brian Steeger, David Brown, Melissa Fischbach and guest musicians play for Suhaila Salimpour's Troupe of Dancers! Performance Photos and links to Suhaila, Jamila and Bal~Anat. Ernie created the music for Jamila's original Bal~Anat Dance Troupe.

Preston Historical Research and Restoration Fund: The Preston Historical Research and Restoration Fund has been created to preserve the memory of the town of Preston (1875-1941) and its people, with articles and photos of Madame Preston and her clients/residents/community. The "Free Pilgrims" church, the jewel of Preston is owned by a private party who halted the process of restoration in 2015. The Preston Historical Research and Restoration Fund, was founded to pay for the preservation of this 19th century historical landmark. Thank you to all who donated to this preservation effort.

Zincali Middle Eastern Orchestra Available for performances and parties; established and respected full piece orchestra. Performance photos, band members, info and contact.

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