Ern plays the Afgan 'Dotar' Deb plays hand drum
Ernest palys the "Dotar" (2 strings) from Afganistan and Deborah plays the hand drum or "Darboukka"
Ern palys the 'gimbre' from Morrocco
Ern plays the "Gimbre" from Morrocco at Willits Charter School's 6th grade Social Studies class. We also played for the 10th grade World History class.
table of instruments presented
Table of wind and string instruments presented by Ernest, the Egyptian "Oud" or "Ud" is on floor in its case.
Ern plays bagpipe
Ernie plays bagpipe from Northern Spain, "Galician Giata"
After class
"After Class" an interested student tries the "Afgan Rebab" with a little help from Ernie.

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