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Ernie Lee Fischbach became a Luthier In 2008. Learning under the continued tutelage of the Master musical Instrument Maker David Dart. ELF Soundworks is Ernie Fischbach's company. He specializes in handmade Italian Style Flat backed mandolins. Here are some photos of finished Instruments, Please enquire if you are interested in the purchase of a ELF Mandolin. Ernie's email

Mandolin Maker Ernest Fischbach with Deborah Fischbach in costume for the Alta California Orchestra with his own Elf Mandolin. Photo by Melissa Fischbach 


CLICK here : to go to All Music to hear Ernie palying on the Fandango at Sonoma CD

Old world style Classical Mandolin custom made for David M Brown

        Mandolin with Diamond sound hole, Back and Sides: Cypress and Mahogany. Face: Spruce, Neck: Mahogany. Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlay. Grover tuners. Offered for sale SOLD to E.B


Mandolin: Back and Sides: Cypress. Face; Spruce. Neck: Maple with birds eye oak overlay. Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlay. Grover tuners. NFS


Mandolin: Back and sides: Mahogany. Neck: Black walnut with redwood burl overlay. Face: Spruce. Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlay. Grover tuners. SOLD to Lynn

Mandolin Yew back and sides, Spruce face, Black walnut neck, Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlay. Grover tuners. Custom Order for Chris M.

Mandolin with Butterfly owned by Brian S.

Mandolin with flame maple back and sides, Black walnut neck with flame maple overlay. Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlay. Grover tuners. SOLD to Kevin H.


        Front of Kevin's mandolin         
Kevin H. rocks out with his new ELF Soundworks Mandolin


ELF pre-made mandolins are base priced at $1500.00 (when available) Custom Mandolins start at $1500.00


Ernie at home in his workshop

Mandolins in Progress

Ernest Lee Fischbach Biography

Ernie Lee Fischbach is a musician, Luthier, Singer and voice over actor. He specializes in improvisation, based upon a solid foundation.

His credentials include; California University-Anthropology, Ali Akbar College of Music, (North Indian Classical Music), Apprentice with Folklorist/Musician Bob Thomas and
The San Francisco Voice Factory.
Ernest became enamored with East Indian music while studying Anthropology at Long Beach State University. At that time he was playing blues and folk music on guitar and Appalachian dulcimer. In 1966 he recorded an album with fellow student, Charles Ewing who had studied Flamenco and Classical guitar in Spain. The album and the band were called "A Cid Symphony."

In 1967 Ernest began to study classical North Indian music with the great master Ali Akbar Khan, on the Sarod. He also married Deborah in 1967 and moved to Northern California to study and play music.

The Fischbach's met Bob Thomas at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faire and joined up with his band "The Golden Toad" who did a huge (23 performers) and magical Summer Solstice Concert at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, June 21st 1970. The "Toad" played music of the world with Ernie accompanying Bob Thomas (Bagpiper and Lutist) on Oboe, Bass Drum and Pipe and Tabor. He also led the group, playing Saz, Sarod, and Cumbus. Deborah danced and played Tamboura, Dumbek and other percussion.
Ernie with his Sarod at SweetsMill music camp 2001
Tuning the sympathetic strings on the Sarod

Ernie and Classical North Indian Sarod
Ernie with his Sarod at SweetsMill music camp 2001, "Time for an evening Raga!"

Ernest was the Band Leader and composer for Jamila Salimpour's Belly Dance Troupe, "Bal~Anat" in 1969-73. His music for Jamila has been called, "American Tribal".

Ernie playing the Oud at home

Ernie's debut of his new band for Bal~Anat on June 30th 2001 in San Francisco with Jamila's daughter, Suhaila Salimpour dancing and Ernie's daughter, Melissa Fischbach on drums was a sold out performance.

Ernie Fischbach on oud and Brian Steeger on violin backstage at BalAnat performance.
Ernie Fischbach on oud and Brian Steeger on violin, backstage at BalAnat performance, June 2001. Photo by Barbara Brown

The Bal~Anat band, " Zincali " includes; Ernie, Melissa, David Brown, Chris Caswell and Brian Steeger, on oboes, bagpipes and drums with Marianne Steeger, Barbara Brown and Deborah Fischbach playing percussion on occasion.

Melissa, Suhaila, Ernie and David, musicians
Bal~Anat July 28th performance with Isabella in dancer's lap, Melissa on drums,
                              Suhaila with zils, Ernie and David on oboes, photo by Deborah Fischbach.
BalAnat hand of fatima, protects against the evil eye                                                                                                                      

Ernie has studied and composed music from many cultures including; Gypsy Flamenco, Moroccan, many forms of belly dance music from various Middle Eastern cultures, as well as French, Portuguese, English, Italian, Greek, American blues, rock and more.
His main instruments are; Sarod, Mandolin, Middle Eastern Oud, Violin and Zurna (oboe), English Pipe and Tabor (one hand flute and drum) and Bagpipes from Northern Spain.

Erine, Playing the Bagpipes from Galicia 2009

1996 Ernie with his family and friends recorded the CD, "Fandango at Sonoma" early California Dance Music with "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra."

Voice over study at the famous San Francisco Voice Factory has been Ernie's newest venture as a student. He has been making funny voices for years and imitating cartoon characters, now he can claim he's practicing! Ernie's email

Ernie's been involved with many bands including; A Cid Symphony, The Golden Toad, The Raggle Taggle Gypsies, BalAnat, KosKaDos, Surfaris, Men in Black Hats, Pipe and Bowl Morris, Zincali, Los Californios the Alta California Orchestra, Gitan American, Pisqueno Italiano, Flem ad hoc Ensemble, The Vacant Lot, Global Village Idiots and The Firesign Theater.

Over the years Ernest's bands have opened for; The Grateful Dead, Alan Watts, The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Co., Dick Dale, Los Lobos, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jefferson Starship, King Tut Exhibit and The Hell's Angels own band.

Ernest has also performed and demonstrated music of many cultures at all levels of public and private schools in California. For more on schools program click here

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