Our newest Sponored Project. That Started in Spring 2015 is the Musical Instrument Library, an Instrument lending Library. Musical Instrument Library webpage
Director; Jason Cool

The Alta California Orchestra: (TACO)
Photos of the Orchestra, research, presentation of early California music and dance, info, contact and current performances.
TACO is Proud to be part of CAC Sponsored American Masterpieces California, "Musica Festiva De Las Misiones".

Fandango at Sonoma CD: CD for Sale - Early California Mission and Immigrant "Fandango" or Dance Music, recorded in 1996 by, The Alta California Orchestra. REPRINT with all 17 tracks remixed and READY for your event. PayPal easy credit card accept.

Community Fandango You Tube 5 minute video of a residency and public performances, with The Alta California Orchestra.

Check out; "California Folk Dance Traditions Instruction Booklet and CD" with The Alta California Orchestra and Deborah Fischbach, Arts educator teaching 9 simple dances and a song with words and chords for the waltz. Also "how to use this book" includes lesson plans and more!Purchasing with online discount and PayPal secure cart.

World Music Program, Cultural Arts and Music K-12: Poster with photos, summary, info and contact. Program focuses on the music and musical history of world cultures, with students drawing the displayed instruments as they listen. Musical history from Ancient Persia through Afghanistan and India, the Moorish civilization to Renaissance Europe and today. Playing Antique and unique instruments from their own collection, this husband and wife team plant the seeds of culture into the imaginations of the students, giving them much food for thought.

ITS is the proud sponsor of the Villa de Branciforte Preservation Society and their good works; Seeking recognition and preservation of the unique character and history of the Villa de Branciforte area. Founded in 1797, Villa de Branciforte is a unique occurrence in Spanish Colonial history. Unlike the Spanish missions, the Villa was secular, and unlike the other two original secular settlements, the pueblos of Los Angeles and San Jose, Branciforte was a "villa," the only villa to be created during the Spanish Colonial era in California. The Society in partnership with CalTrans and the State of California has set up Villa de Branciforte Historical Landmark signs on the freeway. They are working on funding to set up more signs locally, make a brochure and map of the specific sites in the area and secure a privately owned lot full of artifacts that is for sale. Check out 2014 article, "Discoveries: Santa Cruz's 'East Side' lobbies for respect. "
Check out the History; unique people, places, politics and culture. Call Deborah at ITS for donations, bequeaths.
Director; Ed Silviera

Preston Historical Research and Restoration Fund: The Preston Historical Research and Restoration Fund has been created to preserve the memory of the town of Preston (1875-1941) and its people, with articles and photos of Madame Preston and her clients/residents/community. The "Free Pilgrims" church, the jewel of Preston is owned by a private party who has halted the process of restoration (2015) for this fine 19th century building. We have mostly stablized it before the halt, but it needs more attention.
Located near Cloverdale in Northern California. Tax deductible donations are easy with PayPal credit card accept.
Director; Lisa Ellis
Preston Historical Photos: #1. Commercial district circa 1910 ~ #2. Community musicians circa 1985 ~ #3. Inside the Preston church, 1999 ~ #4. 1999 Aerial view northeast, overlooking the Russian River and the Preston colonist residences. ~ #5. The covered bridge spanned the Russian River at Preston from 1872-1931 ~ #6. The Preston church 1886 ~ #7. Hartwell Preston ~ #8. Emily Preston aka Madam Preston.

Zincali Middle Eastern Orchestra Available for performances and parties; established and respected full piece orchestra. Performance photos, band members, info and contact.

Chris Carnes Memorial: Photos of Chris, one with Carmen Amaya and one a painting by the late Olaf Palm, also a letter and poem, remembering Chris Carnes.

Robert "Bob" Thomas Memorial: Stories, drawing, photo and a letter from a fellow bagpiper. RDT born July 21, 1938, died December 16, 1993. Band leader of "The Golden Toad", "Raggle Taggle Gypsies", "Pipe+Bowl Morris", The French Cheese band, "Le Camembert" and some I can't remember. Send your memories of Robert to me for posting.

Please direct memories, comments or questions to Deborah Fischbach, Webmaster E-mail Director Deb

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The Institute and its members would like to extend our sympathy to all victims of current wars and uprisings.
We sincerely pray for Peace and Communication in this, our world. Please seek the TRUTH on WAR and PEACE. 

The Institute for Traditional Studies researches, performs and promotes traditional arts education. Our logo (above) was originally designed by Robert Donovan (Bob) Thomas, who was a founding member of the Institute. Though the original drawing was lost; an embossing stamp remained. Melissa Fischbach, who knew Robert since birth has copied the stamp design as close as possible. Bob Thomas is most recognized for his famous logo (Skull with lightning bolt) that he designed for the Grateful Dead, (rock band).

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ITS Musician Referral Service: West Coast Musicians, including players of bagpipes, steel drums, accordions, mandolins, Klezmer, salsa, Middle Eastern oud, saz, bouzouki, oboe, world rock, French folk dance, Italian favorites and more!. Contact name and photos only sorry, no audio.

ITS Street Musicians Postcards : Sale of Postcard Series, with The Golden Toad, Raggle Taggle Gypsies, Bob Thomas, John Patterson and more!

Farideh Dance Arts: Traditional Middle Eastern and Flamenco ethnic dance, presented from an artists point of view. Contact Farideh to purchase her Fine Antique Afgan jewelry.

Ernest L Fischbach, Mandolin Maker, Instrument Repairman, Music History and Performances with Zincali, Bal~Anat and others. Ernie Fischbach, founding member of ITS and eclectic musician with a flair.

ITS Traditional Arts Education : Poster with project summary, info and contact. Partnership K-12, research, presentation of and classes in traditional music and dance program.

Our Director, Deb has a personal Healing Site; please look if you are interested in Natural Healing, Reiki, Truth, Power of Positive Thinking and cultivation of your True Self. Check it out!

Life and Times of San Francisco Dancer, John Patterson. Photos of John with the Golden Toad. David Barnard and close friends of the late John Patterson are gathering information and documentation of John's life, art and achievements for a book. Contact Deborah @ ITS

Bal~Anat Band performances: Ernie Fischbach, Brian Steeger, David Brown,Melissa Fischbach and guest musicians play for Suhaila Salimpour's Troupe of Dancers! Performance Photos and links to Suhaila, Jamila and Bal~Anat. Ernie created the music for Jamila's original Bal~Anat Dance Troupe.

Vanya Metal Arts Bay Area; A Jewelry Project sponsored in part by the Institute through a grant from the Tides Foundation. Visit to learn more about this exceptional artist!

Mike Seeger Traditional Banjo Video Series sponsored in part by ITS: A series of instructional videos on traditional banjo styles. Information only.

Robert Donovan Thomas; Visions of a Renaissance Man, a video memory. (See photo under ITS Street Musicians, Postcard Series)

Gitanos Caballeros (video documentary) The Gypsy Life, a story of Chris Carnes' adventures in Andalusia. Chris was a student, teacher and historian of Andalusian Gypsy Flamenco guitar, specializing in the accompaniment of singers and dancers.

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